Lab-tested Microbe Disinfection

Lab-tested Disinfection Time

Smart Disinfection Dose Calculation

*Tested on Staphylococcus aureus ATCC 6538 at 1m distance in lab condition.


CBot is a remote controlled disinfection platform powered by UV-C light well known for high effectiveness germicidal effect on contaminated air and high touch surfaces. An embedded smart calculation algorithm enables CBot to calculate the time required for each task relying on the disinfection level and surface area.

Using CBot ensures:

Labor-free process of disinfection.

Consumable free disinfection.

Short time process of disinfection.

High efficiency of decontamination.

C-Bot V222.4681

Control Interface

An easy to use control interface enables managing disinfection tasks from a safe distance, with the assistance of the dose calculation algorithm and a seamless logging and task tracking system.

Smart Interface

Calculates the needed doses for disinfection tasks


Data logging & task management system


Wireless Controlled from outside the room


To help you get the maximum benefit from using CBot in your facility, we provide an easy to use calculator that enables choosing the perfect position and disinfection level according to room layout and pathogen type.

We chose 5 minutes as a reference duration which according to our tests and calculations is the golden time to efficiently eliminate most of the pathogens frequently found in hospitals.

Seeing is believing

Prof. Dr. Afif SIDDIKİ

Quantum Physicist

CBot is an effective, scientifically proved disinfection system

Robolabs Partner

Using Steps

Plug it in

Place CBot in the room.

Start it

 Configure disinfection level.

Report it

C-bot will gives a full log and notification when disinfection done.

Use Cases





Lamps number:

10 TUV High grade
UV-C lamps

Radiation intensity:

2.5 W/m² @1m

Disinfection area:

50m²@8m diameter 



UV wavelength:

253.7 nm UV-C


62*62*165 cm

Sensor range:

360° @5 m


40 kg

IAS Okulları

IAS okulları oluşabilecek enfeksiyonları önlemek amacıyla UVC dezenfeksiyon robotu olan C-Bot’u kullanmaya başladı, böylece IAS okulları UVC dezenfeksiyon robotları kullanan seçkin okullardan biri oldu. Bu

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Case Studies

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How can the C-Bot assist the healthcare ecosystem in fighting dangerous pathogens?

Try CBot in your facility

To get a real-life experience with CBot during the disinfection process, our team will gladly offer a free demo at your facility, with an insightful explanation about the control system and using instructions.


The team behind C-Bot

To ensure building a mature product with high efficiency, C-Bot went through intensive rounds of iteration and development performed by an agile team of engineers and designers.
Coming from different backgrounds and relying on the expertise from previous projects, the R&D team managed to solve problems and prepare C-Bot for the production process.
The effort to develop C-Bot was assisted with the valuable information and feedback from specialists working in the healthcare and microbiology sectors.